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Taiwan BSMI announces inspection of remote control drones under 2 kg (2023-Dec.-28)

Starting from July 1, 2024, Taiwan BSMI ( Bureau of Standards and Inspection of the Ministry of Economic Affairs) will implement the inspection of imported and domestically produced goods for remotely piloted drones (limited to those whose maximum take-off weight is less than 2 kg and have camera/camcorder/positioning and navigation functions, or their interfaces).

The above inspection methods are dual-track, including batch-by-batch inspection for type approval or certification registration. Please refer to the PDF below for the relevant Bureau of Standards' Inspection Regulations.

In terms of regulations, if the inspected product is a remote-controlled drone regulated by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), it must comply with the Civil Aviation Law and the Regulations for the Administration of Remotely Controlled Drones (RCADs).

Regulations on Inspection of Remotely Controlled Drones by the Bureau of Standards, Minist
Download • 179KB


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