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Service Process

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Information needed:

The project information is provided by the customer.

-The approval regions

-Product name

-Product SPEC

-Project Estimated commencement date


Certification planning and quotation:

Glodacert provides the best certification approval plan and quotation to the customer.


Acknowledged quotation:

Quotation form is approved and signed by the customer.


Project commencement:

Project officially registered under Gloadacert, meanwhile, project tracking and real-time status feedback system can be accessed through the system.

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Documents and Requirement list of product sample provided:

Document of certification and requirement list of product sample (if testing is required) will be provided by Glodacert.


Received documents and samples

Glodacert received documents and samples provided by customer (if local testing is required)


Review documents and samples

Glodacert reviews the documents and samples provided by the customer (if local testing is required)


Sending the documents and samples

After Glodacert  review the documents and samples

(if local testing is required)

Send to the local laboratory or certification unit for testing and review

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Documents and tests
are approved


Certification Authority’s review and Approval


Certificate Issued


Project completed

Documentation and testing comply to local regulations and testing (if local testing is required)

Local certification authority in the region reviewed and approved the project documents and test reports.

Client will be informed and received certification immediately.

Project completed, Test reports and certificates will be saved in Glodacert system.  

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