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【India BIS】Amendment to the "Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirement of Compulsory Registration) Order, 2021" (Added Cybersecurity related requirements)

Updated: Apr 15

India BIS

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has issued an amendment to the "Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirement of Compulsory Registration) Order, 2021" on April 9th, 2024.

The amendment adds CCTV Camera to the list of goods requiring compulsory registration, referencing IS 13252: Part 1: 2010 for safety requirements. The notification specifies that the provisions of the order will apply to CCTV Cameras six months after the publication date (aproximately October, 2024). The relevant excerpt is as follows:

Essential Requirement(s) for Security of CCTV

Securing a CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) system is crucial to protect sensitive information and ensure the system operates effectively. Key areas of testing include exposed network services, device communication protocols, physical access to the device’s UART, JTAG, SWD, etc., the ability to extract memory and firmware, firmware update process security and storage and encryption of data. Here are brief requirements for the security of a CCTV system:

  1. Physical Security - Use tamper-resistant camera enclosures and locking mechanisms to deter physical tampering.

  2. Access Control by Authentication, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and regularly review and update access permissions to reflect personnel changes.

  3. Network Security by employing encryption of data transmission

  4. Software Security by Regular Updates, Disable Unused Features and Strong Password Policies

  5. Penetration Testing: Employ penetration testing to assess the system's resistance to cyberattacks and address vulnerabilities.

-Quote from《Amendment to the “Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirement of Compulsory Registration) Order, 2021”》

It also emphasizes the necessity of submission of test reports from BIS recognized labs for obtaining a license to use the Standard Mark.

However, specific procedures, including testing details, test lab names, and switchover procedures for existing CCTV camera models, are yet to be specified. We await further notification/guidelines from BIS regarding these details.

Please refer to the official document for relevant information:


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