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About us


GLODACERT’s management team is owned by the Testing, Inspection

and Certification Industry (TIC) Leaders 20+ years of experience.

We are your global data certification team.


During our tenure, we successfully led team of Asia,

Europe and America established and provided the world’s best

solutions for consumer product compliance and global certification.


Through the years, we have learned that customer is facing more tedious products regulation and certification under the traditional operating system. Therefore, we offer professional and more intimacy service to ensure a better result.


In this case, we take the responsibility by established a digital platform and service that more effective and efficiency to build client’s confidence, and accelerate their product’s launching.


Glodacert provides free courses and training for school-related departments and start-up companies to returns to the society and explore more talents.

Glodacert is your best partner 

1. If you are a manufacture, OEM/ODM, design house or Brand owner.

With more than 20 years of experiences, Glodacert provides one-stop service,

from product development to product certification over 150 countries, to ensure our client a proper product planning and marketing for a better support, higher CP value of service and easier process. Be Glodacert’s VIP to enjoy better supports and resources.

2. If you are a worldwide local partner.

With Glodacert representation, it helps to reduce on the cost of investment, property, manpower and travelling cost, in Asia. In additional, it able to strengthen competitiveness and compete with others existing competitor in Asia. Therefore, a stronger competitiveness beneficial to the company on earning or securing more project in Asia. Be Glodacert’s VIP to maximize your competitiveness.

3. If you are a test lab or certification body.

With more than 20 years’ experience on product certification, Glodacert provides product certification over 150 countries, better services and price transparency. Glodacert aimed for an effective and efficiency development, with lowest investment and the highest competitiveness, to ensure our client is ready to be the No.1. Be Gloadacert’s VIP, maximize your competitiveness and earn more project.

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