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India: WPC has delicensed the frequency band 865-868MH

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

WPC a wing of the Department of Telecommunication has delicensed the frequency band 865-868MHz which is a very good move as it will help OEMs and manufactories to keep the same band globally. Now only needs to apply ETA SDOC. Earlier, in India, only 865-867 MHz was allowed but now by extending the frequency band to till 868MHz will help to bring new technologies like RFID, LoRaWAN etc.

The transmitted output power, duty cycle and occupied bandwidth are different for Non-Specific SRD, Tracking, Tracing and Data Acquisition Devices, Wideband Data Transmission Systems and RFID applications. New ERP limits of RFID devices have been reduced to 2W (Earlier it was 4W i.e. 36dBm ERP and 200KHz carrier bandwidth)


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