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Syria: New Regulation Number 43 be issued by SY-TPRA on 1st September 2021

Summery New Regulation No.43 issued by SY-TPRA on 1st September 2021

  1. Products need Type Approval: All Radio devices and R&TTE devices

  2. Some products need sample for local testing depending on SY-TPRA request.

  3. Renewal submission must be during the last three months of the expiry date, otherwise will pay for renewal as a new project.

  4. Label For approved products.

- Label can be put on the product or sales box.

- Label can be a soft copy.

- Background of the label must be white, and letters color is black.

- Label design is as bellow

- Label design for local companies and foreign companies.

- The type approval mark excludes systems, interface cards, and pre-built modules among other equipment.

local companies: foreign companies:


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