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The Federal Communications Commission manages interstate and international communications in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories through radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable. The Commission is an independent U.S. government agency supervised by Congress. It is a federal agency responsible for implementing and enforcing U.S. communications laws and regulations.ark.

FCC mark


The FCC logo can only be used on products that have been tested, evaluated and found to comply with SDoC procedures. The use of the FCC logo on the device does not alleviate the requirement to provide a method of uniquely identifying a product or to provide the required compliance information statement. Unless the SDoC procedure has been fully applied to the product, the FCC logo cannot be used for products that are exempt from authorization under the rules (for example, Section 15.103 exempt equipment or Section 15.3 attached radiator).



For certification, the product should carry a nameplate or label with an FCC identifier (FCC ID), as defined in Section 2.925. 13 The FCC ID must always be accessible when using the product. Unless electronic tags are used, the location of the FCC ID must be the physical label on the product. The physical FCC ID label must be located on the surface of the product or in a non-removable compartment accessible to the user (such as the battery compartment). The label should be permanently affixed to clearly identify the device. The font needs to be legible, device size and label area.

FCC Logo

FCC Logo Devices authorized under  the SDoC  procedure have the option  to use the FCC  logo  to  indicate compliance  with the FCC  rules, 12  and  the  logo  may  be  included  in  the  instruction  materials  or  as  part  of an e-label. Glodacert was established to assist customers avoid common certification bottlenecks and setbacks. We use the following practices and certification databases to achieve a faster, better, and efficient certification experience:

 * Data management of certification knowledge to ensure the accuracy of approval and testing regulations.

 *Utilize Glodacert-certified authorities and local service supplier to expedite the certification process.

*Provide relevant test specifications, such as frequency ranges, power limitations and sample conditions according to customer’s product SPEC.

*Maximize certification and report coverage for product families.

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