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Certification Name

Certification Field

Local Representative

In country testing

Certification Validity

PAKISTAN                                PTA                                    RF                            Not Required                         YES                          Permanent
MALDIVES                             CAM                                     RF                             Not Required                        YES                           Permanent
BHUTAN                            BICMA                                    RF                            Not Required                          NO                            Permanent
SRI LANKA                           TRC                                     RF                             Required                               NO                               4 years
BANGLADESH                     BTRC                                   RF                             Not Required                         NO                            Permanent

Glodacert was established to assist customers avoid common certification bottlenecks and setbacks. We use the following practices and certification databases to achieve a faster, better, and efficient certification experience:

 * Data management of certification knowledge to ensure the accuracy of approval and testing regulations.


 *Utilize Glodacert-certified authorities and local service supplier to expedite the certification process.

*Provide relevant test specifications, such as frequency ranges, power limitations and sample conditions according to customer’s product SPEC.


*Maximize certification and report coverage for product families.

For more details information or request a quote for South Asia approval

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