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【Korea RRA】the National Radio Research Institute of South Korea (RRA) announced a significant revision

Recently, the National Radio Research Institute of South Korea (RRA) announced a significant revision, stating that they will no longer accept witness test results from overseas laboratories, effective immediately. This means that all tests for KC certification must be conducted within South Korea or at MRA-accredited laboratories recognized by the RRA.

However, if due to factors such as the size, weight, or operational requirements of the product, testing cannot be carried out at the originally designated laboratory, a written request can be submitted to the RRA to change the testing facility. This request is only permissible if the alternative laboratory is locally accredited or MRA-accredited.

RRA_annuancement of witness testing_2024
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This RRA communication clearly outlines that:

  • Conformity tests must be conducted at RRA-accredited laboratories, encompassing testing sites, facilities, and personnel.

  • Witness testing is permitted only under specific conditions, such as when the weight, size, or operational requirements of the product make EMC testing impossible at all RRA-accredited laboratories.

  • It is emphasized that witness testing should only be considered when it is confirmed that EMC testing is unfeasible at all RRA-accredited laboratories. If the product can be tested at least at one designated RRA laboratory, testing must be conducted at the accredited facility rather than through witness testing.

  • Furthermore, even if the product is capable of being tested at an RRA-accredited laboratory, opting for witness testing may result in administrative penalties.


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