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Taiwan NCC Approves the draft WiFi 6E New Band (2023-Dec.-24)

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Taiwan's Ministry of Digital Affairs (MDA) has announced an amendment to the R.O.C.'s radio frequency allocation table at the end of August 2023 to open up the 6GHz (5.945GHz-6.425GHz) frequency band for the use of low-power Radio Frequency equipment, in accordance with the European Union standard. The National Communications Commission (NCC) requires RF equipment type approval before products can be marketed. Therefore, NCC has reviewed and approved the draft amendment to the "Technical Specifications for Low Power Radio Frequency Equipment".

Considering the public demand for these devices, NCC has made reference to the standard ETSI EN 303 687 set by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), a European standardization organization. Starting from September 22, 2023, manufacturers can apply for type certification from NCC by attaching the "Test Report on ETSI EN 303 687 (Version 2023-06)".

NCC has also provided a comparison table between the draft specification for 6GHz low power radio frequency equipment and ETSI 303 687, please refer to the attached document if necessary.

After WiFi products are certified in the first phase of 2.4GHz and 5GHz, when turning on WiFi 6E and WiFi 7 (5945~6425MHz) through software in the second phase, applicants must use EN ETSI 303 687 V1.1.1 (2023-06 version) To submit the report for review, the laboratory must fill in the attached comparison table, together with relevant technical documents, stamped documents, and EN ETSI 303 687 V1.1.1 (2023-06 version) report. After pre-review by the RCB that originally issued the certificate, it will be sent to NCC for review. Certificate will be issued later.

WiFi 6E New Band Draft &ETSI303687Regulation
Download PDF • 917KB


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