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Brazil: ANATEL Public Consulting nº 47/2021 - Mobile Phone Charger

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

ANATEL released the public consultation n.º 47 (annex) in order to update the Act 3481 - Technical Requirements and Test Procedures For Conformity Assessment Of Charger Used In Mobile Phone.

The main proposed changes are:

  1. Vehicular chargers – ESD testing must be done according to ISO 10605/2008, not IEC 61000-4-2 as before

  2. Mint label for vehicular chargers installed inside the car panel will be voluntary . According to it, the use of mint label in this case is optional and eliminate the need of buying mint labels.

Additionally, if the manufacturer decides to not use the mint label, they will need to include the ANATEL ID in the charger label (regular marking).

3. ESD (ISO 10605) and Electrical transient (ISO 7637-2) testing applied exclusively for USB type vehicular charger installed in the car panel or other parts of the vehicle can be done in a 1st part or 2nd part laboratory.

This consultation is open for comments until Nov 7th. Until there it is possible to send suggestions and after ANATEL will analyze the comments and issue the final document.

This publication date of the final version is unknown, and it will depend on the numbers of contributions.

The official document can be access using the link below:


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