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America: Glodacert offers FCC 22-84 US Agent Services for legal qualification(2023-FEB.-6)

The FCC issued Order FCC 22-84 on February 6, 2023, demanding the telecommunications equipment (e.g., network equipment, including core, distribution layer and access layer) and video surveillance equipment suppliers to appoint a U.S. agent for the authorized operation of their products so that the communications supply chain can be protected from national security threats. In the meantime, Glodacert can act as a FCC Agent of Services Representative to comply with the order for your company.

The US Agent for Service of Record is accountable for receiving and handling legal notifications and documents on behalf of suppliers in the US, ensuring compliance with FCC regulations and accessibility during legal proceedings or government investigations.

The US Agent must be located in the US and must have the authorities to receive official documents on behalf of the manufacturer or importer. FCC Part 2.911(d)(7) outlines the specifications and duties of the US Agent, including the processes for appointment and removal. Complying with these provisions is essential for suppliers to operate effectively in the US and adhere to FCC regulations which promotes a fair and transparent business environment while protecting against potential national security risks.

Assigning a US Agent for Service of Record is necessary for suppliers to act in accordance with FCC regulations, promoting a fair business environment, and be accessible to the government during legal proceedings. It's a crucial step for suppliers to build up and maintain a successful business in the US. Thus Glodacert’s service as the FCC Agent of Services Representative will provide legal compliance for these companies for which will benefit its’ local operation in the US.


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