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【Singapore】 IMDA_3G Network Cessation and Emergency Call Equipment Requirements


The Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) will be shutting down their 3G networks starting from 31 July 2024. A recent survey by IMDA on 13 March 2024 highlighted concerns regarding certain VoLTE-capable handsets, particularly those registered with IMDA before 2020, which rely on 3G networks for emergency calls to 999.

As the 3G network shutdown approaches, these handsets will lose their ability to make emergency calls. To ensure public safety, handset suppliers and manufacturers must take several actions:

  1. Add handsets with the emergency fallback mechanism to Annex A, regardless of their registration year with IMDA.

  2. Stop selling handsets with the emergency fallback mechanism and inform consumers by listing affected models on their websites.

  3. Confirm with manufacturers the status of handsets listed in Annex A (registered before 2020) regarding the fallback mechanism to 3G for emergency calls.

Suppliers and manufacturers are requested to respond by 30 June 2024 regarding handsets potentially affected. IMDA may deregister equipment listed in Annex A if no confirmation is received by the deadline. Selling unregistered equipment in Singapore violates telecommunications regulations and may lead to enforcement actions by IMDA.

Annex A:

Equipment Tradename and Model

Fall back to Circuit-Switched for Emergency Calls? (Yes / No / Can be updated Over-the-Air to fix / Eqpt not used for normal voice calls / Additional Eqpt to report)






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