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The Certification and Engineering Bureau of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada provides a certification service for radio equipment and a registration service for terminal equipment in Canada.


In order to comply with the standards of the Canadian Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, testing of radio or terminal equipment is carried out in private sector laboratories. These laboratories must be approved in accordance with departmental procedures. The creation and maintenance of radio equipment standards is the responsibility of the Regulatory Standards Agency (DRS). And the local representative is required.

Do we need a Canadian Representative?


An applicant who does not have a Canadian address and contact must provide in writing the identity of a contact representative located in Canada who is capable of responding to enquiries and who can provide post-certification audit samples at no charge to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Glodacert provides good quality of the local Representative service.

In Canada, all radio equipment, interference-causing equipment and terminal equipment are subject to Canadian regulations. Therefore, Canadian consumers should confirm that the equipment complies with the technical regulations of the Canadian Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (see below) before purchasing.

Technical regulations can be applied to the following types of equipment:

*Radio equipment-equipment or combination of equipment used or capable of being used for radio communications (including everything from remote car alarms to high-power broadcast transmitters).

*Interference-causing equipment-In addition to radio equipment, any device, machinery or equipment that may cause interference to radio communications (including digital equipment using microprocessors or microcontrollers, and industrial, scientific, and medical equipment, such as halogen lamps) Switching power supply used).

*Terminal equipment is: "Telecommunications equipment that can be connected to the Canadian operator’s telecommunications network, such as wired phones or modems; and used by users of telecommunications services at their premises."

What is the labeling rule of the Canada approval?

The certification number is made up of a Company Number (CN) assigned by ISED's CEB, followed by the Unique Product Number (UPN) assigned by the applicant. The certification number format is:


The components of the certification number are explained as follows:

1."IC:" indicates that this is an ISED certification number,but is not part of the certification number. XXXXXX-YYYYYYYYYYY is the ISED certification number.

2.XXXXXX is the CN assigned by ISED. Newly assigned CNs will be made up of five numeric characters (e.g. "20001") whereas existing CNs may consist of up to five numeric characters followed by an alphabetic character (e.g. "21A" or "15589J").

3.YYYYYYYYYYY is the UPN assigned by the applicant, made up of a maximum of 11 alphanumeric characters.

4.The CN and UPN are limited to numeric (0-9) and capital alphabetic (A-Z) characters only. The use of punctuation marks or other symbols, including "wildcard" characters, is not permitted.

5.The HVIN may contain punctuation marks or symbols but they shall not represent any indeterminate ("wildcard") characters.

Glodacert was established to assist customers avoid common certification bottlenecks and setbacks. We use the following practices and certification databases to achieve a faster, better, and efficient certification experience:

* Data management of certification knowledge to ensure the accuracy of approval and testing regulations.

*Utilize Glodacert-certified authorities and local service supplier to expedite the certification process.

*Provide relevant test specifications, such as frequency ranges, power limitations and sample conditions according to customer’s product SPEC.

*Maximize certification and report coverage for product families.

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